Last Light on Remembrance DayNovember 11, 2014

On Remembrance Day I added an ultramarine blue glaze to the tree in the foreground. The change darkened the tree and gave it a more of a transparent, ghost like quality. All the chromatic highlights are still there but the contrast between the middle ground and the tree has been toned down. Now the the focus shifts to the distant mountains and suggests sacrifice as well as survival,  appropriate for the day.

Last Light

Contrasting LandscapesOctober 23, 2014

Thanks to everyone for attending my inaugural show, Contrasting Landscapes. It was a lot of fun and a wonderful chance to meet old and new friends.

Michael EvansOctober 22, 2014

One of the great pleasures of my recent show was reconnecting with my high school art teacher, “Mr.Evans”. Michael was a great teacher and defender of quirky artists. After I had innocently shown him a handmade strip of 16mm film made from black leader tape, bleach and coloured markers, he horrified me with a P.A. announcement that I would be showing ‘a film’ that lunch hour. Sixty students showed up to see a three second spliced loop! On another occasion he successfully argued to the Park Royal merchants that a painting I had done, be allowed in their mall as part of a student show. It was a large painting of a bloated woman’s face, complete with a star on her cheek, vomiting a massive amount of spaghetti all over consumer products.Micheal Evans

Tonight’s ShowOctober 16, 2014

The paintings are hung, the food is ordered and the refreshments are chilled. All that is missing is you. Hope you can make it to the show.

870 East Cordova Street , 7-10 pm tonight and same time Friday. Also open Saturday and Sunday 12 – 4 pm.



Winter Morning Davis LakeOctober 16, 2014

I have learned a couple of tricks while winter camping. The first is to use coolers, close enough to the fire, to keep beer from freezing. The second is to pour water into coffee pots the night before. At minus 15 degrees, once the fire goes out, water containers become blocks of ice. These inconveniences are out-weighed by what you get to experience. This image is from the lake as the lazy morning sun rewards you with a sliver of warmth.

Winter Morning Davis Lake

Last LightOctober 15, 2014

A lone tree in a cold clearcut is drinking in the last light. Separated by a dark middle ground the tops of distant mountains are bathed in light too. There is no subjective intention to express happiness or sadness in this painting. It is about survival, bridging darkness by living and, most importantly, not being afraid.

Last Light

Chilco Lake MoonOctober 15, 2014

This is based on a sketch done while on a long, solo camping trip in the Chicotins. All the warmth in the painting comes from the sun setting on a distant mountain, across Chilco Lake. It is an expression of separation and growing loneliness. My tenuous link to others is a pale moon in a shared sky.

Chilco Lake Moon

Octopus IslandOctober 14, 2014

This painting tries to use gold paint in an atmospheric way. It has been mixed and thinned to give it varying degrees of transparency. Also the lenticular quality of gold paint, where it looks dark from one angle and glowing from another, is used to animate the image.

Octopus Island

GrasslandsOctober 14, 2014

The background grass has been painted to represent hammered gold. In line with my thinking on icons it forces the field to appear solid and sit on the surface while allowing the objects, in contrast, to have pictorial depth. Branches sitting on the surface are painted either white or in light to dark blue graduations, typical ways to represent ‘sky’. Trunks are painted in black void-like patches suggesting holes with stray pieces of bark floating above them.



Somewhere ElseOctober 13, 2014

A friend suggested we take my jeep to Alaska near the Bering Straight. We could wait for the straight to freeze and then drive across it. He was studying Russian and felt that by the time we got  to the other side he would be able to explain things. Like art, it would be a mythical journey that combined the desire to be somewhere else and the need to learn a language to “explain things”.Somewhere Else